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Grassland Birds


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Butterflies and Moths


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Native and Bumble Bees


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Contribute to Science.

Here in Wisconsin we can all contribute to science.  There are many options to choose from.

“The time has come for science to busy itself with the earth itself. The first step is to reconstruct a sample of what we had to start with." Aldo Leopold

Snapshot Wisconsin

Snapshot Wisconsin is an opportunity to host a wildlife camera on your property and share the photos with a larger audience. You will contribute to data needed for wildlife management decision support. It is also a unique opportunity for individuals, families and students to get involved in monitoring the state’s valuable natural resources.

WI A and T.png

Wisconsin Aquatic and Terrestrial

Resource Inventory

The Wisconsin Aquatic and Terrestrial Resources Inventory provides you with many options to contribute your information as part of an on-going monitoring project.  On their webpage you will find links to state-wide surveys for everything from butterflies to bats to plants. You will also find links to the many groups spear-heading local citizen science projects.  You can search this by county or by interest to get connected to information about the monitoring program and how to get involved. 

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