2005 Brown Thrasher nest (eggs)-Kevin_El


Grassland Birds


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Butterflies and Moths


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Native and Bumble Bees


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Resources for Learning


Free, instant bird ID help for the birds of North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - All about Birds.  Your Online Guide To Birds And Bird Watching. Search for species name or keywords. Or get identification help. 


Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas is a comprehensive field survey documenting the distribution and abundance of birds breeding across our state.  https://wsobirds.org/what-we-do/atlasbon.org/all-about-birding

Madison Audubon Society has great local resources to help birders of all ages and skill levels. https://madisonaudubon.org/all-about-birding

Use E-Bird to document your bird sightings and contribute to a world-wide effort documenting bird migration and life cycles.

Contribute to Science

Join the Christmas Bird Count- The Christmas Bird Count is a long-standing program of the National Audubon Society, with over 100 years of community science involvement.

The Great Wisconsin Bird-a-thon has raised over half a million dollars for priority conservation projects since 2012, and has engaged thousands of individuals in conserving Wisconsin's birds.

iNaturalist Projects let you pool your observations with other people. Whether you're starting a citizen science effort or keeping tabs on the birds in your neighborhood, projects are the way to go.

Madison Audubon- Citizen science is the partnership of volunteers with scientists to answer real-world questions. There are many opportunities to get involved!

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