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Southern Driftless Grasslands serves rural landowners, farm owners and communities in Southwest Wisconsin.

We offer free site visits to residents of Lafayette, Iowa, Grant, southwestern Dane, and Green Counties. 


Interest in improving the quality of wildlife habitat?  Identifying and restoring a native prairie and savanna remnant?  Creating pollinator habitat?  Strategies for managing invasive brush or improving woodlands on your property?


These are all projects we are happy to provide assistance with.  Learn more about options for use/management and conservation programs that can help you meet your land management goals.


  • Free visits on-site at landowner properties to discuss conservation practices that are suitable for the property and the landowner’s goals.

  • Access to and assistance securing voluntary cost-share opportunities for habitat improvement practices such as invasive species control, inter-seeding into existing prairie and savanna habitat, and prescribed burning.

  • Referrals to partner organizations and programs of interest.

  • Resources to assist landowners navigate conservation management options and learn about their land.

Want to learn more? 
Contact us to schedule a free land site visit today.  
Habitats on your land
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Apply for financial assistance & improve grassland habitat for wildlife on your land

Do you own more than 5 acres located within the maroon--purple areas outlined below and have open lands in need of:

  • Brush management

  • Tree removal

  • Prescribed fire

  • Inter-seeding with prairie grasses

  • Inter-seeding with pollinator plant seed mixes


Open lands that are eligible include:

  • Pasture

  • Idle grasslands (e.g., abandoned pasture, expired CRP fields)

  • Remnant prairie

  • Planted prairie


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service areas map.png

There are numerous organizations and agencies in Southwest Wisconsin that provide resources and one-on-one technical assistance to landowners.

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This Partners and Programs Guide is designed to help you identify the organization, agency, and programs best suited to help you meet your goals and need. 

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