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Native and Bumble Bees


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Wisconsin Bee Identification Guide Developed by Patrick Liesch, Christy Stewart, and Christine Wen – a guide to the different groups or families of native bees in our prairies, savannas, backyards, gardens, and pastures.

The Wisconsin Bumble Bee Brigade is coordinated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. As a citizen-based monitoring project, they partner with volunteers from the public to conduct long-term monitoring of the state's native bumble bees.

Bumble Bees of Wisconsin – online guide, information, and on-going research. This University of Wisconsin website is intended to help share the fascinating life history and biology of bumbles, as well as teach how to identify and conserve them here in Wisconsin.  Additionally, consider getting involved in bumble bee citizen science projects to help collect vital data for scientists across the region.

Resources for Learning

iNaturalist Projects let you pool your observations with other people. Whether you're starting a citizen science effort or keeping tabs on the bees in your neighborhood. Projects are the way to go.

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