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Financial and technical assistance for grassland improvement on private lands

Are you interested in improving the grassland habitat on your land?  Do you:

  • Own more than 5 acres


  • Have open lands in need of

    • Brush management

    • Tree removal

    • Prescribed fire

    • Inter-seeding with prairie grasses

    • Inter-seeding with pollinator plant seed mixes 


  • Open lands that are eligible include

    • Pasture

    • Idle grasslands (e.g., abandoned pasture, expired CRP fields)

    • Remnant prairie

    • Planted prairie

  • Is your property located within the maroon-purple areas (focus areas) outlined below?  

Provide your information below to pre-apply for grassland improvement assistance. 
Which of these apply to your situation:
What are your management needs?
Grassland acreage you want to improve