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Landowner Research

What makes people tick? What gets farmers and landowners get excited about – or step away from – conservation?

Conservation work is not just about the land, it is about the people who care for their land. 

In order to do our job of conservation and sustainable agriculture better, the Network is putting resources, personnel, and time into learning about the people we work with and for. 

Through support from the Land Trust Bird Conservation Initiative Small Grant Program, we are distributing a survey to 350 landowners in our target areas requesting information on their conservation practices and program enrollment, share their farm conservation practices, and what they feel are the needs of rural landowners in the area.  


We have interviewed community leaders, educators, and resource conservation professionals (anonymously or otherwise) in our network area about three broad issues:

  1. farming practices and conservation practices on area farms;

  2. streams, surface water, and ground water, and

  3. awareness and attention to issues that link us to the global concern of declining bird and pollinator populations. 

We'll celebrate and share what we know at exhibits and events at the local public libraries just in time to welcome in the spring migration of grassland birds.  Lets "Celebrate Grasslands!" 

With data to aid us in understanding the local constituency and the issues of most concern to them, we can begin to better serve the community with our outreach messages, our educational efforts, and the programs that we provide. 

Thanks to the Food Faith and Farming Network  (www.foodfaithandfarmingnetwork.org) for providing financial support for this project.