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Do you have an area on your farm that has never been plowed, hosts a collection of flowers unique to it, and/or short grasses that turn a rusty orange in the fall? Or, do you have a stand of old open grown oak trees out in a field? If so, we’d like to visit that place with you. 


Prairies and savannas are beautiful, special natural areas that are disappearing quickly across the Midwest. Prairies are home to plants and animals that are beneficial to the land, crops, and people. Savannas are characterized by open grown spreading oak trees, many of which have been aged to be 300+ years old.

Residents of Lafayette, Iowa, Grant, southwestern Dane, and Green Counties: we are offering a free site visit with a biologist to landowners with prairie and savanna remnants. Together, we will visit and explore the prairie and/or savanna on your property. Learn more about the natural values, age of the trees, options for use/management, and conservation programs that can help you meet your land management goals.  

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