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Summer Update - Breaking the COVID silence

Updated: May 18, 2021

Our Conservation Road Show and traveling Celebrate Grasslands exhibits and events came to a screeching halt this April with the arrival of COVID 19. Geared up and ready to travel around the southern Driftless countryside, I begrudgingly shifted my attention to other activities and adjusted to using a home office and zooming, daily. I know I am not alone. Now, 4 months later, it is nice to breathe fresh air, walk properties with landowners using social distancing and masks as barriers, and share what was accomplished during the retreat to the computer screen. Here's one of the success stories!


The !Celebrate Grasslands! exhibits are done and available for display at local educational events. These 3 ft x 7 ft tall double sided exhibits focus on grassland habitat and grassland birds of the southern Driftless region. Thanks to members of the Madison Audubon Society staff, Next of Kin Designs, Katie Abbott (Iowa County Land Conservation Director), and Kelly Van Beek (US Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Migratory Bird Biologist) for their efforts. Please contact me, Cindy Becker, at if interested in more information. Next spring, these exhibits will travel to various small libraries in the region for viewing. Library programming and events are planned.


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